RURAL: Zaniel Mariano

"Growing up in the countryside, life is much simpler. Back then, human activities are very limited: limited access in entertainment and latest technology such as television, radio and comics. Due to such limitations, people were more focused on their farming activities as their primary resources for survival. These life experiences in the community are the beacon of these paintings: homage to the past and present.”- Zaniel Mariano, 2014

Mariano’s body of works is a glimpse of a place and time we once knew. We are now living at a time where everything is moving so fast; where things rapidly take its form from one shift to the other – almost unnoticed because of Globalization and the rapid growth of Technology.

Mariano’s body of works focuses on the act of remembering life experiences with the intent to portray his idea of “slowing things down”…of self-evaluation…of unlearning and relearning the meaning of “progress” through pictures of what seemed to be a simpler life – a life in the countryside, Zambales.

His paintings aim to guide us to form the right questions that we eventually ask ourselves, about how we live our lives and make us reflect our own values and the things that truly make us feel alive.


Zaniel Mariano holds "Rural" which is an on-going exhibit until July 30, 2015 at The Anita Magsaysay-Ho Gallery and Museum in CASA San Miguel‬.

Mariano who hails from San Antonio, Zambales is a self -taught artist and began his career in painting at the age of 16. He was one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Petron ART Competition and a Semi-finalist in the Metrobank Painting Competition. He is also a coffee painter with an Opening exhibit happening on July 5th at Rockwell in Manila.

Zaniel has since served as an art mentor to local children in San Miguel and San Antonio, teaching drawing every weekend, preparing young artists for entry into the Phil. High School for the Arts.

ABOUT THE Anita Magsaysay-Ho Gallery and Museum ( AMHGM )

The Anita Magsaysay-Ho Gallery and Museum (AMHGM) was established in 1993 in honor of "Tita Anita" who served as CASA San Miguel's Board Chairperson from 1998 to 2008. Tita Anita, a niece of both Ramon Corpus (through her mother, who was Corpus' brother) and Corpus' wife Rosario Magsaysay (through her father, who was Rosario's cousin) spent many summers in San Antonio, Zambales particularly in San Miguel, where many picnics, dances, and musicales were held and where the clan would gather for the annual La Naval Fiesta of the Magsaysays. Tita Anita was a ribbon cutter when CASA San Miguel opened its doors in March 1993, when a smaller gallery in her name opened with Plet Bolipata's “ Labing Dalawang Buwan Sa Kabila Ng Kabundukan “, which was followed by exhibits featuring established artists such as Robert Feleo, Brenda Fajardo, younger artists such as Elmer Borlongan, Charlie Co and Manny Garibay, and more recently Don Salubayba, Carlo Gabuco and Leeroy New. The gallery was later moved (2012) to its current site, a structure donated by SIEMENS, to accommodate larger exhibits as well as some museum artifacts.

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