Trunk Show and Sale! Featuring the handcrafted traditions of the Philippines

Sunday, July 19, 11 am–4 pm
Kalayaan Hall, 1
st floor, Philippine Center
447 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Q & A with invited members of the Fil-Am media will take place from 12-1 pm.

This show features the following range of crafts:

  • the piña weaves of Kalibo, Aklan,

  • the t'nalak of the T'boli of Lake Sebu,

  • the tingkep baskets of the Pala'wan tribe of Palawan,

  • the hinabol of the Higaonon of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon,

  • the geometric weaves of the Yakan tribe of Zamboanga and Basilan, and

  • the tapis of the Kalinga tribe.

The featured artists are t’nalak master weaver Bernadeth Ofong of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and piña artist Anna India Dela Cruz-Legaspi of Kalibo, Aklan.

With support and guidance from CMCC, artisans from these communities have found a new source of income while preserving centuries-old craft traditions.

The show is sponsored by the Philippine American Writers and Artists, Inc. of San Francisco (PAWA) and The Hinabi Project™, with the cooperation and support of the Philippine Consulate General of San Francisco and the Philippine Center Management Board-SF.

MS. BERNADETH OFONG, T’boli t’nalak weaver, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Ms. Bernadeth Ofong is a master weaver from the T’boli tribe and the president of KLOWIL KEM LIBON (KLOWIL for short), a T’boli artisan-run business enterprise whose name means "life of women" and which aims to preserve and promote traditional T'boli arts and crafts. A mother and community leader, Ms. Ofong organized KLOWIL in 2000 to help more T’boli artisans with the marketing of their products. Starting out with zero knowledge on business and marketing operations, Ms. Ofong has managed to expand the production and operations of KLOWIL, capitalizing on their culture in producing and marketing their products, and partnering with various agencies and individuals to strengthen their enterprise. She has traveled to Japan and China to promote their culture and market their products, and has also been involved in various government and non-government supported activities that promote and showcase the T’boli and their culture.

ANNA INDIA A. DELA CRUZ-LEGASPI, Piña weaver, Kalibo, Aklan

Ms. Anna India Dela Cruz-Legaspi is the owner and founder of Heritage Arts and Crafts, a business enterprise based in Kalibo, Aklan that specializes in piña handwoven textiles. She is also the president of the Loomweavers Association of Aklan and the Piña Manufacturers and Traders Association (PiñaMANTRA). A visual artist, weaver, and entrepreneur, Ms. Dela Cruz-Legaspi is a long-standing and tireless advocate of piña weaving, and is credited for being instrumental in its revival and growth as an industry in Aklan.

CONTACT: The Hinabi Project™ of PAWA, Inc. (650) 815-6485