Shimon Peres' Filipino Caregiver Says G'bye on Facebook

Ferdz Capacia, Shimon Peres’s Filipino caregiver, said goodbye to his “VIP boss” in a tender note on Facebook after Israel’s ninth president passed away on the morning of Wednesday, September 28. Capacia wrote that he would miss Peres’s smile, his “big voice” and the way he wished him goodnight in Hebrew before he went to sleep, saying “Lalya tov, Freddy.”Capacia thanked the elder statesman for “trusting a Filipino like me,” reports


Filipino Chef Wins ‘Chopped’ Cooking Show

Once again, a Filipino chef showed the world the awesomeness of Filipino cuisine. In the Sept. 22 episode of the American reality show slash cooking contest “Chopped,” Filipino chef Josh Arcilla was the only one left standing after three grueling rounds in the kitchen, reports

Peso Falls to 7-Year Low, Investor Anxiety Blamed

Investor concerns about the Duterte administration’s war on drugs coupled with external developments causing uncertainty globally pulled the peso to a seven-year low on Monday. The peso closed at 48.25 to a dollar, the weakest level since the close of 48.335 on Sept. 15, 2009 , reports

External Factors, Political Issues Pose Economic Risks for PH

External factors as well as the country's political issues pose as downside risks to the Philippine economy, a global debt watcher said. The external factors include China's economic slowdown and market turbulence caused by a looming US Federal Reserve rate increase, S&P Global Ratings said in its latest report, according to ABS CBN News.

E-Trikes Coming to Manila

Starting next month, electric tricycles will be plying the streets of Binondo and Malate as part of the Manila City government’s campaign to “combat air pollution and improve the livelihood of tricycle drivers and ‘colorum’ pedicab drivers,” reports

More Filipino Words Added to Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), billing itself as the definitive record of the English language, is one of the largest and longest running language research projects in the world. In its September 2016 update, at least 15 Filipino terms, mostly traditional dishes and delicacies, officially made it to the dictionary’s list, reports Asian Journal.

Flights to PH Are Among the Cheapest, Says Survey

Flights to the Philippines are among the cheapest in the airline industry, according to a survey conducted by, an online travel agency that uses algorithms to combine flight itineraries in the vast and fragmented commercial aviation sector to uncover big savings for its clients.’s 2016 Aviation Price Index ranked the Philippines 9th out of 75 countries that offered “the best value flights,” reports


Duterte Says US Troops Must Leave Mindanao

President Rodrigo Duterte said on Sept. 12 he wanted U.S. forces out of his country’s south and blamed America for the restiveness of Muslim militants in the region, marking the first time he publicly opposed the presence of American troops in the country, reports