What's Up! Is Up

A new section of Positively Filipino begins with this issue. What's Up! is where we post editorial announcements, letters (ours and yours), submission solicitations, the occasional official announcements that impact Filipino expats, and most importantly, events information.

Since we started Positively Filipino seven months ago, we knew that to be able to fully engage in Filipino expat communities worldwide and become a vehicle by which we connect with one another and our homeland, this online magazine also must function as a bulletin board and a town crier, in addition to being a source of information about the many awesome things, places and people that make us Pinoy-proud.

What's Up! is a response to the constant stream of emails that we receive announcing community activities and events. Now you can tell Positively Filipino readers what your organization is up to. This is easily done by filling out this form. Make sure you read our guidelines first before filling this out.

We are also working on enhancements and sections that will hopefully expand our reach and make our loyal readers happy to be part of the Positively Filipino family. In the meantime, please continue to spread the word about us by forwarding our link to your networks, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and keeping the conversation going about what it takes to be a Filipino in this ever-expanding diaspora.


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino