June Marks The Half-Year Of Positively Filipino

As you know by now—you, our loyal readers who have steadfastly supported us through our online magazine’s birth pangs–we post new stories every Wednesday, with the most number of new articles on the first Wednesday of the month, such as this one.

Why this timetable? While we recognize the swift pace of the web and the scramble to be first to break a story, we choose not to join the media-minute bandwagon. We deliberately slow down the pace of our postings. We don't do breaking news; we provide insights that only come after the dust has settled, or is just settling, on an issue. We also cover topics that you may not read about elsewhere.

We'd like Positively Filipino to be a thoughtful end-of-the-day read when a favorite chair and a glass of wine beckon, and one's mind has sufficiently relaxed to be able to take in and appreciate the finer ponderings about the delightful quirks of our nature and our culture. And Wednesdays seem to be the best days to provide you new stories that can refresh your work-stressed minds or prepare you for a delightful weekend of reading. 

This month we join our homeland and the diaspora in celebrating our country's independence. One hundred and fifteen years hence, with more than ten million Filipinos now populating more than 180 countries, we have enough stories to last us ten lifetimes. 

Stay with us as we continue to be your window on the Filipino diaspora. 


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino