Our Virtual Tambayan

With our daily postings of In Brief–news tidbits about Filipinos in every part of the globe–and our weekly postings of new stories that cover a gamut, from history and culture to profiles and how-tos, from places like Abra and Portugal to OFWs in the United Arab Emirates and philanthropists in the Silicon Valley, we'd like to think that we are helping to unite Filipinos everywhere in knowledge, nostalgia and in the many other delightful ways that make us what we are.

But we want more: more stories, more photos and videos, more tips that point us to as many unique experiences, foibles and achievements that make up the overall narrative of the Filipino diaspora. So we call on everyone with stories to tell and photos to share to write us at submissions@positivelyfilipino.com. Your contributions will help us expand and refine our coverage and provide all of us Pinoys the insight and the pride in our heritage that we often lack.


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino