The Marcos Jewelry and Encounters in the Caribbean

I'm back home after a six-week stay in the Philippines and as always, a homeland vacation is replete with emotions, nostalgia and infuriating same-old same-old issues. One thing sure though: there's never a dull moment in the country where we grew up. Politics inevitably was a topic of conversation and political personalities old and new can still stir some passionate discussions.

Take Imelda Marcos -- as Positively Filipino Correspondent Myles A. Garcia writes, her collection of jewelry is always an object of speculation, interest and derision. Read his update on what is happening to this treasure trove of blings. 

Imelda's jewels is also the topic of a documentary called "Kwento ng mga Alahas," our Video of the Week.

Filipinos are everywhere in the world as attested to by another PF Correspondent Rey E. de la Cruz, whose Pinoyspotting this week focuses on his encounters in the Dominican Republic and Curacao.

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And our Happy Home Cook recipe, Paksiw na Pata from PF Correspondent and foodie Rene A. Astudillo, is probably our last meat dish before we start our Lenten collection of recipes next week.

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino