Honoring Women the World Over

We join the worldwide celebration today of International Women's Day and affirm our commitment to the right to choose; the right to equal pay for equal work; to be respected not objectified; to be protected by law against discrimination, violence and injustice; to create a life of our choosing; to make independent decisions; and most of all, the right to have our voices heard in protest against incursions on human rights. 

This week, we compiled a trio of interesting reads for you:

PF Correspondent Serina Aidasani profiles Switzerland-based Filipina artist Pamela Gotangco in "Pamela Gotangco's Art in Waiting;"

Contributor Rafaelito V. Sy shares his heart-wrenching reaction to "Moonlight," this year's Oscar Best Picture awardee; and

Historical sleuth Erwin R. Tiongson gives us the back story to a rare 3D image (aka stereograph) of the Philippine Scouts marching in Washington, DC circa 1905, during the inauguration of President Theodore Roosevelt. Tiongson, along with his wife Titchie Carandang-Tiongson and their two sons, spend their time digging up stories and artifacts of Filipino presence in the Washington, DC area. We have shared some of these stories with you (check out Titchie Carandang-Tiongson's articles in our archive) and we await more from them. 

In my blog this week, I write about how it is to wake up (once again) in our Motherland. 

Here are some articles from various publications that you might want to read:

'Have We Opened the Gates of Hell With Our Images?'
https://www.theatlantic.com/ international/archive/2017/02/ rodrigo-duterte-philippines- drugs-reporters-siaron/517650/

For Some Filipino-Americans, Language Barriers Leave Culture Lost in Translation
https://ww2.kqed.org/news/ 2015/12/08/for-some-filipino- americans-language-barriers- leave-culture-lost-in- translation/

Manila is the most crowded city in the world — here’s what life is like
http://www.businessinsider. com/manila-worlds-most- crowded-city-2016-8

Asia's Ugly Duckling of the Year Is the Philippine Peso
https://www.bloomberg.com/ news/articles/2017-03-03/asia- s-ugly-duckling-of-the-year- is-the-peso-thanks-to-duterte

Our Happy Home Cook recipe this week for Lumpiang Tinapa comes from our food expert and correspondent Elizabeth Ann Quirino, who will be supplying us with recipes throughout the Lenten season.

For Video of the Week, Scroll.in reminds us why we celebrate International Women’s Day.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino