Climate of Denial

While climate change deniers have been getting some exposure in the public consciousness lately because of the new US president, we support what 95% of the world's scientists agree on: climate change is the single most serious challenge confronting our planet in the next decades. To better understand this issue, Los Angeles-based journalist Dorian Merina writes the second of a series of articles on the issue. "What's Driving Climate Change?" tells it like it is.

In Toronto, Maripi Leynes hangs out in a Filipino-Canadian restaurant and tells us about it. "In This Corner, Kanto by Tita Flips" gives visitors to Canada's eastern shores a place to enjoy a touch of home. Tita Flips also shares with us two recipes for our Happy Home Cook: one for kwek kwek (a dish made of quail eggs) and another for taho (sweetened tofu drink).

To get you up to speed on news in other publications, here's a buffet of In the Know links:

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For our Video of the Week, here's the world famous band Journey's rendition of "Bayan Ko," from a recent concert in Manila. Journey, of course, has strong Filipino connections. It's lead singer, Arnel Pineda, is one of ours.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino