Travel for the Soul

If travel for you also means doing something good for humanity, how about including the Davao School for the Blind in your itinerary? Mona Lisa Yuchengco, our publisher who also founded the Philippine International Aid (PIA), the oldest running Filipino American charity in the United States, recently visited the place and was duly impressed. Read her report, "That Hands May Learn to See," and understand why.

And speaking of travel, have you thought about the best way to document your experiences? Noni Mendoza, our second contributor to do travel sketches (the first one is Jojo Sabalvaro-Tan), shows us his way in "A Sense of Time and Space -- Travel Sketches."

As we continue celebrating Women's Month, here are some interesting Filipino women who have made their mark in their respective fields:

Carol Varga, the fave kontrabida (villain) of Filipino movies of yesteryear, paid tribute to by Rey de la Cruz;

Dr. Reina Reyes, an astrophysicist, introduced to us by Carleen Sacris;

The Untold Story of Sugar Pie DeSanto, jazz singer, as told by Benjamin Pimentel;

The Thoroughly Modern Sofia de Veyra, a feminist before her time, as profiled by Titchie Carandang-Tiongson.

And as we do every week, we compile stories from other publications that may be of interest to you:

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Our Happy Home Cook recipe continues meatless days for Lent. Elizabeth Ann Quirino shares with us her son's recipe for Manila Clams with Pinot Grigio

For Video of the Week, one minute video maker Nas visits the Philippines and discovers the Spanish influences on Filipino culture.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino