Top Chefs in San Francisco for First Savor Filipino

Savor Filipino, Saturday - August 30, 2014, 10:00am-6:00pm - celebrates 50-years of Filipino cuisine in the United States. The idea is to taste, cook, learn, sip, and enjoy the Filipino foodie experience. Visit Justin Herman Plaza, Labor Day weekend to see the future of the latest food craze. Watch chefs demonstrate classic dishes and traditional recipes with modern flair.  Culinary experts such as authors, professors, confectioners, sustainable growers, and more will discuss the evolution of Asian food popularity in the United States. Savor Filipino is founded by the Filipino Food Movement and sponsored by Ramar Foods.

Savor Filipino is the first event designed towards introducing Filipino food to a mass audience. While other Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, and Thai are considered mainstream, Filipino food is on the brink of pushing through to a broad audience, and Savor Filipino is the live catalyst hoping to push through. 

The final chefs participating list has just been released and include the who’s who of  the Filipino foodie community.  

Staying true to Savor Filipino’s Bay Area roots. All food served will abide by San Francisco’s social and ecological consciousness.

The mission of the event is to share the love of Filipino food and to define for the American mainstream what the cuisine is, how it is made, and where it comes from.

This event is for you if you enjoy gourmet cuisine and global street food. Justin Herman Plaza will be transformed into a complete tour of Filipino food paradise, made for the San Francisco community. Six tent pavilions will feature something for everyone. 

GARDEN PAVILION: Will serve locally sourced vegan and vegetarian options. Samplings include items such as fresh vegetable lumpia summer rolls,  adobong kangkong, which is water spinach stir fried in traditional Filipino flavors including vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce. ginataang sitaw, a delicious sautée of local long beans with organic coconut milk, and pinakbet, a tangy vegetable stir fry.

·       CHARLEEN CAABAY | Oakland, CA | Kainbigan | Chef Video
·       JAY-AR PUGAO | Oakland, CA | No Worries Filipino Vegan Cuisine

PULUTAN PAVILION: “Pulutan” means finger food, quick bites, and is sometimes interpreted as street food in the Philippines. At this pavilion, local chefs will dish up scrumptious single servings of BBQ, sisig tacos, kinilaw (Filipino ceviche), and the infamous balut for the brave (hard-boiled duck egg delicacy).  

·       TIM LUYM | San Mateo, CA | Attic Restaraunt | Chef Video 
·       MIGUEL TRINIDAD | New York, NY | Maharlika NYC
·       RAMAR FOODS | Pittsburg, CA

FIESTA PAVILION: Shares the filipinos' love of hosting and social gatherings. Dishing up what you find at a wedding or other another large celebration; such as lechon (roasted pig), pancit (extra fine rice noodle stir fry), and embotido (Filipino meatloaf). 

·       ROBERT MENOR | Coobah | Chicago, IL 
·       CHASE AND CHAD VALENCIA | Lasa | Los Angeles, CA 
·       NEIL SYHAM | Lumpia Shack | Brooklyn, NY 


KARINDERIA PAVILION: serves up flavorful soups and stews such as sinigang and kare kare, fitting for cool San Francisco summers. Here you'll also find the national dish, adobo, and dinuguan, a delicious rustic stew of pork offal.

·       AC BORAL | I Love Musubi | San Diego, CA 
·       ERIC PASCUAL | Emeryville, CA
·       MICHAEL SANTOS | Speakeasy Makati | Manila, PHILIPPINES
·       JESSETTE KALSI | Jessette’s Kitchen | Napa, CA 

DESSERT PAVILION: will satisfy a sweet tooth with fun Filipino twists on San Francisco favorites. Menu will include purple yam, avocado and coconut ice cream; bibingka - a delicious rice flour & coconut cake; Filipino style leche flan; and even a unique Asian twist on freshly spun cotton candy. 


·       AUNTIE EM’S | San Francisco, CA
·       CHRISTINE CAPULONG | Flan Flan Ta-Tas | San Francisco, CA
·       JASON ANGELES | Sugar & Spun | San Francisco, CA 
·       MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM | Pittsburg, CA

BEER GARDEN: No proper foodie experience would be complete without a libations experience. Featuring award winning Infanta lambanog, a specialty vodka fermented from coconut, this pavilion will include modern Filipino cocktails and mixology demonstrations as well as locally sourced wine and beer for sale. 

KULINARYA PAVILION: Want to learn how beautiful Filipino flavors come together? Chefs will be demonstrating traditional, fuison, and modern Filipino food for all event goers to see. However, to taste the chef prepared meal, only 50 tasting tickets per workshop will be available. Tasting pass presales available at





11:00 AM APL.DE.AP | Los Angeles, CA | Musical Artist & Black Eyed Peas member


NOON - Mainstage presentation

1:00 PM Vegan Filipino - RICHGAIL ENRIQUEZ | San Francisco, CA | 

2:00 PM Food Fight! Top Chef vs. Home Chef - DOMINIC AINZA | San Francisco, CA | Facebook HQ Chef vs. AILEEN SUZARA | Berkeley, CA | Kitchen Wento 

3:00 PM Fine Filipino Dining - THOMAS WEIBULL | San Francisco, CA | Executive Chef of Morgan Hotels Group

4:00 PM Mainstage Program

5:00 PM Nouveau Filipino Desserts - FRANCIS ANG | San Francisco, CA | Fifth Floor Restaurant at Palomar Hotel

Filipinos comprise the second-largest Asian immigrant group in the U.S., next only to Chinese. Over the past 50 years, the Filipino-American population has grown to 3.4 million and represents the fourth largest immigrant group in the United States by country of origin behind Mexico, China, and India according to the U.S. census. 

“If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then cuisine is at the heart of a culture,” shares P.J. Quesada,  third generation owner of Ramar Foods and Filipino food expert. “We dream of a day, one day, when there is a Filipino restaurant in every city. When one asks, what's for dinner? Filipino will become a viable option alongside Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Indian.”

For VIP press passes, interview opportunities, pre-event food demos, press materials, or further information, please contact Nora Miller, Anderson Miller PR, (805) 403-1625 or