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Memorare Manila 1945 (Source: Wikimedia.Commons)

Memorare Manila 1945 (Source: Wikimedia.Commons)

Memorare Manila 1945 and The Filipinas Heritage Library, the recipient of Roderick Hall’s collection of over 1,000 books and other materials on WWII in the Philippines are commemorating the 70th year of the Battle for Manila from February 3 to March 3, 2015 with a month-long exhibit and a mini-conference.

For your information, please find below the preliminary schedule of activities of the mini-conference which we are holding on all the Saturdays of February. To help us defray the expenses  for the entire event (e.g. mounting the exhibit on the Battle for Manila as well as paying the honoraria of the speakers during the mini-conference), we will be charging a minimal fee of Php 150 (for senior citizens) per talk OR around Php 500 for a season pass to attend all the talks.  

February 3

3:00 PM. “Aspects of Philippine Internment.”  Book launch of Surviving a Japanese Internment Camp: Life and Liberation at Santo Tomas, Manila, in World War II by Mr. Rupert Wilkinson.

3:40 PM. Opening of month-long exhibit

February 7 - Conference

“Strategies of War” - moderated by Prof. Rico Jose

1:40 PM: Film Showing of Manila in Flames (1945)

2:00 PM: Technicalities of fighting, physical causes of destruction on built heritage with Prof. Rico Jose

2:20 PM: The Nielson Tower and the role of airfields in WWII Manila with Mr. Tony Feredo

2:40 PM: “Why I went to war” with Col. Emmanuel V. Deocampo (Veterans’ Federation of the Philippines)

3:00 PM: Q & A

“Rising from the Ruins” - moderated by Ms. Felice Prudente Sta. Maria

3:20 PM: Restoring Manila with Ms. Gemma Cruz

3:40 PM: International context of conserving war-damaged heritage with Arch. Augusto Villalon

4:00 PM: Rebuilding the National Museum of the Philippines with Mr. Jeremy Barns

4:20 PM: Q & A

February 14 – Commemoration & Conference


8:30 AM: Ceremony at the monument site in Intramuros. Guest speaker: former President Fidel V. Ramos

“Memories of Love” - moderated by Mr. Cid Reyes

2:00 PM: Conversations on art and war with Mr. Juvenal Sanso and Mr. Cid Reyes

2:20 PM: The Chinese in wartime Manila with Ms. Meah Ang See

2:40 PM: Q&A

“Memories of War” - moderated by Prof. Rico Jose

2:50 PM: Recollections of the Battle for Manila with Ms. Rosalinda Orosa, Dr. Benito Legarda Jr, and Amb. Juan Jose Rocha

3:50 PM: The making of Dear Mother Putnam: A Diary of the War in the Philippines with Ms. Nelly Lichauco Fung

4:10 PM: Q&A

February 21 - Conference

“Life Goes On” - moderated by Prof. Rico Jose

2:00 PM: Tagalog in the war with Prof. Takamichi Serizawa

2:20 PM: Transportation & utilities in the Japanese occupation with Prof. Rico Jose

2:40 PM: Medicine during the war with Prof. Arnel Joven

3:00 PM: The Aristocrat Restaurant story & short film showing with Ms. Priscila Reyes-Pacheco

3:20 PM: Q & A 

“The War on Air” - moderated by Prof. Elizabeth Enriquez

3:30 PM: Book production in the Japanese occupation with Dr. Von Totanes

3:50 PM: Komiks in the Japanese occupation with Prof. Karl Cheng Chua 

4:10 PM: Radio propaganda during the war with Prof. Elizabeth Enriquez 

4:30 PM: Music in the Japanese occupation with Prof. Raul Navarro

4:50 PM: Q & A

February 28

Film Showing of Rescue in the Philippines &/or Sipat Lawin, Inc.: Performance Piece on “What is War? What is Peace?”