You Really Never Know Until You Try

One year.  Wow!

You really never know until you try. When we launched Positively Filipino, we didn't expect the tremendous response we got and continue to get today. We had some sense that others wanted to read the kind of stories we also wanted to read and write about, what was important to them and to us, what would bring all of us pride. The stories may not have been always pretty and happy, but they were honest and accurate, educational and enlightening, entertaining and rightfully Pinoy. 

I want to especially thank the A-team—Rene Ciria Cruz, Gemma Nemenzo, Franklin M. Ricarte and Raymond Virata—without their skills, dedication and shared vision, none of these would have materialized. We all believe the Filipino is more precious than what we were told or taught, despite the poverty, the corruption, and the natural disasters that have wreaked havoc on the lives of our people and our country. This is why we are gathering and telling the Filipino Story. These narratives bond us as a people and as a nation, and our children will inherit this legacy.

Positively Filipino is about you and for you, so do keep in touch with your feedback and stories. Share the pride.  

Thank you.