WANTED: Stories that Go Bump in the Night

An anthropologist once remarked that Filipinos have a natural affinity for the supernatural, as evidenced by the trove of stories that those who grew up in the Philippines bring with them wherever they may be in this world. Indeed, when one was lulled to sleep by tales of the diwata (fairy), scared to submission by the wrath of the aswang (evil witch) and taught respect for trees and other living things by the presence of the kapre (changeling brute) and dwende (goblin), how can one's psychic radar not be attuned to the spirits that go bump in the night? Sometimes they're friendly, occasionally they're naughty (ever wake up to the feeling that someone is tickling you?) and, when one has been bad, vengeful.

We'd like to hear your stories about your close encounter(s) with the netherworld. Please share it at submissions@positivelyfilipino.com. If the good spirits are on your side, you may be able to join the pool of Positively Filipino writers, some of whom have won awards for excellence in writing. (See Positively Filipino's Big Haul of Plaridel Awards)

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino