A Month of Celebration

October is a busy month in the U.S. as we celebrate Filipino American History Month along with Mental Health Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Prevention Month, all three issues significant to Filipinos in America. Stay tuned to Positively Filipino as we celebrate the month with our usual collection of stories that inform, inspire, and entertain.

The history of Filipinos in America is replete with tales of hardship and heroism, triumphs and tragedies. It wasn't an easy life our predecessors had to endure in the early- and mid-1900s as Filipino American historian Alex S. Fabros Jr. narrates in "In the Heat of the Night: The Exeter and Watsonville Riots of 1929-1930."  To those who came before us, we owe a big debt of gratitude for paving the way.

This month we likewise welcome Ballet Philippines as it tours the U.S. to highlight its 45th year with a rich repertoire that showcases Philippine culture in all its glory. Writer Marlina Gonzalez introduces Ballet Philippines' president Margie Moran-Floirendo and artistic director Paul Alexander Morales to us as they lead this distinguished dance group in its six performances in the U.S. For details, see our Partner post: Ballet Philippines Brings "Master Pieces" to the U.S. and Canada.

Speaking of entertainment, our popular contributor Lotis Key comes up with another zinger this issue. "Lunatic Magnet" highlights once more her wit, humor and astute observations of Filipino culture that marked her previous essays for Positively Filipino.

Before you savor yellow fin tuna, read our Partner post from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which talks about what the fish means to our fishermen and our ecosystem, and what we can do to ensure that we will be enjoying its subtle flavor for generations to come.

My blog this week introduces some books that you might want to read.

And in Our Video of the Week, CNN correspondent Isha Sesay interviews White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino