Stimulants, Magic and India

Have you ever wondered how coffee, a non-native crop, and cacao reach Philippine shores? Did you know that the Philippines was once one of the world's top coffee exporters and cacao was so prevalent that many households had their own homegrown supply of chocolate?  Cultural historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria takes us on a historical trip, "From Coffee to Pollo con Chocolate," that reminds us of the intertwined histories of our homeland and Mexico.

Magical realism is not the exclusive domain of Latin American authors as a new novel, The Book of Pedro Bautista by Dr. Mary Jane Guazon-Uy, attests. Veteran journalist/author Sylvia L. Mayuga reviews this new book from the prolific Ateneo de Naga University Press.

India, the land of mystery and contradiction, was the latest destination of PF Correspondent Myles A. Garcia, who channels E. M. Forster in "A Passage to India, 2019." The country, Garcia states, is an "acquired taste," a feast for the senses, and requires some physical and mental preparation to visit. 

And if reading about tsokolate stirred up your craving, here's a recipe for Triple Chocolate Champorado from Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, our recipe of the week for the Happy Home Cook.

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For our video of the week, we present Rappler’s “Defend Press Freedom,” a video featuring journalists from the Martial Law years to today’s campus reporters.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino