Mind Blowers

Which American president almost became the police chief of Manila? Which landmark in Manila looks like a coffin from above?

The answers to these and other trivia about our homeland's capital city are in Luisito E. Batongbakal, Jr.'s "12 Mind Blowing Facts About Metro Manila."  Lui is an avid blogger and history buff whose filipiknow.net offers trivia treats about Philippine history and culture.

Adobong manok, beef kaldereta and halo-halo are quintessential Filipino comfort foods, so why is a highly rated French restaurant touting the dishes? Because Brendy Mosada, a professional trained Filipino American chef, prepares the Filipino dishes with a French twist, that's why.

Brendy is the chef de cuisine of Left Bank Brasserie, a high-end French restaurant in Menlo Park, California (he will serve the culinary gems of his heritage at a special event on July 24). Read about him and the event in "Positively Filipino -- And French" by first-time contributor, Manzel Delacruz.

In this issue, we begin what we hope will be a frequently recurring section in Positively Filipino: Pinoyspotting. Our publisher Mona Lisa Yuchengco gets the ball rolling with her photos of Filipinos she met randomly in Alberta, Canada.

Send us your photos of Filipinos you meet in your travels and we'll publish them in Pinoyspotting. 

Kathy Novak, a Filipino-Australian news reporter, returns to her hometown, Tacloban, months after Typhoon Yolanda devastated the area. Here's a first-hand view of how the rehabilitation efforts have fared in Video of the Week.

And I hope you pick up some pleasantries to get you through your day from my blog this week.

Pinoyspotting Guidelines

Send us your photos with Filipinos you meet in your travels. Each photo should be accompanied by a caption that will give the name of the people in the pictures, their city and country of residence and how you met them. We request that you get permission from them to publish their photos on the web.

Positively Filipino is not responsible for pictures posted without the subject(s) permission.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino