Halloween and History

It's Todos los Santos time once again. For Filipinos, it means remembering the dead; for our offspring, it means Halloween.

For Filipino Americans, this week ends the annual Filipino American History Month commemoration for 2015. As usual it’s been a frenzied month filled with festivals, exhibitions and activities that make sure we give due honor to the ones who came before us.

One of those Filipino Americans who should never be forgotten is Vicki Manalo Draves, the Olympic gold medalist in diving, who endured painful discrimination during her time but prevailed, to go down in US sports history for winning five Olympic championships and being the first Asian American to win a gold medal. Ed Diokno writes about this amazing woman in "Fil-Am Olympic Great, Vicki Manalo Draves."

Our Halloween story from artist/author Alex G. Paman tells of a popular urban legend, the White Lady, who turns out to be present in other cultures as well. "The Vanishing Hitchhiker, The White Lady and Hauntings Across the Seas" may keep you awake and alert when you're driving at night and you think you're alone.

In Los Angeles, the acclaimed FASO, the only Filipino symphony orchestra outside of the Philippines, is up for another concert on November 14 in Glendale. Following up on its highly successful "FASO Goes Broadway," this time it’s "FASO Goes Pop." Entertainment writer Ruben Nepales, writing for the first time for Positively Filipino, gives us the story behind FASO in "A Trailblazing Orchestra of Filipino Expats," and its members’ amazing commitment and dedication.

Before we indulge once again in holiday food, let's make a healthy regional favorite dish. G. B. Korten contributes this week's The Happy Home Cook recipe: Pinacbet, genuinely Ilocano style. Try it and see why the dish (and even its many variations) is a staple in Filipino homes.

For our Video of the Week: We just love Mikey Bustos, and this time, appropriate for the season, he gives a tutorial on Filipino superstitions and beliefs.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino