Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing, beware of the charmer who can turn out to be an abuser.  Community advocate Cherie Querol-Moreno, who has long championed the cause of domestic abuse survivors, issues this warning to women -- and men -- who may miss out on the warning signs of a potential abuser. It is someone who always says and does the right things and can quickly charm his way to a person's heart. It’s a timely warning on this Domestic Abuse Prevention Month.

Continuing our Filipino American History Month focus, a "bridge generation" (child of a first-generation Filipino immigrant) contributor, Robert V. Ragsac Sr., tells us about some of the close friends of his family whose life stories, he feels, should be told. "Forget Them Not" is his personal appeal for more throwback narratives on the unheralded men of the manong generation, especially those who didn't have families to tell their life stories.

In another part of the world, contributor Agatha Verdadero writes about the universal value of making friends across cultures. Having spent a few years in Somalia, she has some fascinating experiences with Somalians she now considers her lifelong friends.

For our Happy Home Cook feature, a personal recipe of macaroons, the rage among the hip crowd. Positively Filipino Correspondent Elizabeth Ann Quirino provides it.

Our Video of the Week: Mikey Bustos, the Filipino Canadian YouTube sensation, gives us a tutorial in rap on the Philippines' 81 provinces.

And I hope you enjoy my blog on some of the highlights of my ongoing road trip across the US.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino