Fair Shakes

The outgoing House of Representatives of the US has scheduled a hearing on November 29 on the Filipino Veterans of WWII Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015. Positively Filipino joins The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project in urging all Filipinos in America to call your representatives and ask them to support the bill. This is undoubtedly well deserved by our Filipino veterans who fought alongside the American forces but have not been given due recognition. An ALL HANDS ON DECK moment for the community. Click here for more information.

Earthquakes are happening all over the world and it will be folly to think that you and I will not be affected sometime. Contributor Manzel Delacruz writes from earthquake country California -- where there's now a 72 percent probability that a seismic activity will occur anytime soon -- about the earthquakes in her life and how to prepare for the next one. "Living in Earthquake Country" is a must-read for those living on faults.

On the lighter side, an interesting life is what New York-based Dien Magno chooses to live. A journalist by day and a burlesque dancer by night, Dien is profiled in "Portrait of a Fil-Am Journalist as an Exotic Dancer" by veteran journalist and editor Cristina DC Pastor who publishes TheFilam.net, an online magazine in metro New York. 

More on the lighter side, our art director Raymond Virata brings us another compilation of funny signs that only Filipinos can think of. 

For Video of the Week, we feature Kathryn Jewel Golbin, a blind pinay singer who amazed the judges of "France's Got Talent."

And for those celebrating Thanksgiving with sumptuous feasts, you might want to return afterwards to comfort food. So here's a recipe for champorado from Chicago's famous Uncle Mike's Place . Make sure you have tuyo orjeproks (both deep fried salted fish) on hand to complete the down-home experience. 

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino