[PARTNER] Call to Action: The Filipino Veterans of WWII Congressional Gold Medal bill is scheduled for a House vote

Leaders of the House of Representatives have signaled that they intend to put the Filipino Veterans of WWII Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015 to a vote. Congress will be back in session on Tuesday November 29, so we have a critical opportunity now to call on members of Congress to pass this bill. Our veterans fought valiantly in defense of the United States, only to be divested of their rights and privileges. They have waited for years to be recognized for their selfless service to this country. We now have a momentous opportunity to right a wrong. In these final weeks of 2016 when Congress reconvenes.

This is our ALL HANDS ON DECK action to call on the House of Representatives to pass the Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act. 

We are glad that this is coming to a vote, but our mission is clear. We call on the House to pass this bill.  It is a time to put our foot on the gas, not step on the brakes. There are two important ways you can help:

Contact House Leadership: Our website filvetrep.org is a one-stop shop for you to act. Our “Take Action” page http://bit.ly/2g8vH7S provides contact information for the relevant members of the House Leadership who can make sure our bill passes. Call them (letters won't get there in time).

Amplify Social Media: FilVetREP’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are carrying out our message. Sharing our content with your networks will help us call for final passage of this bill.


Friends, new Twitter messages have just been posted. The message has been refined as follows:  "#FilVets fought for US & deserve recognition @[handle]. Please pass Filipino Vets of WWII CGM Act NOW. #FilVetREP bit.ly/2g3CZsl".

Please continue to tweet or retweet--we're nearly there. Thanks.

Contact: The Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project
Jon Melegrito: jdmelegrito@gmail.com