The Happy Home Cook: Lomi

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Lomi (Photo by Ivan Kevin Castro)

Lomi (Photo by Ivan Kevin Castro)

Chef Cecilia Icasas Fernandez of Cid’s Ma Mon Luk Restaurant in Niles, Illinois shows you how to prepare this classic noodle dish.


egg, raw

sliced pork




pinch of MSG


black pepper

chopped garlic

corn starch

chicken-soup stock

miki noodles 


In a pan, sautee chopped garlic and all the ingredients. Then, add chicken-soup broth and put in the thick noodles with a pinch of salt, MSG, black pepper, and corn starch. Add miki noodles into hot broth, cooking for 3 minutes. Add raw egg while constantly mixing them. Dissolve corn starch in the water and slowly add to thicken the broth, depending on your preference. Transfer to a serving bowl. Enjoy!

Serves 1-2 persons

Video follows*