The Happy Home Cook: Krispy Pata and Liver Paté Sauce

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Krispy Pata (Photo by Ivan Kevin Castro)

Krispy Pata (Photo by Ivan Kevin Castro)

Krispy Pata

1 piece of pork shank (12 to 16 ounces in uncooked weight)
2 liters canola oil
2 ounces frisee or curly endives
4 cherry tomatoes
2 ounces liver-pate sauce
2 ounces garlic-pepper vinegar
salt to taste

Portion size: 1 Krispy Pata


Wash pork shank thoroughly in cold water. Use a lighter or torch, burning off any excess hair on the skin. Wash again and pat dry.

Place in a pan that allows the shank to be submerged and confit (cook in its own fat) in the 2 quarts of oil. Cook in a low-fan 350 F-degree oven until tender, around 2 ½ hours.

Allow to cool down in oil. Once cool, take out from oil and chill overnight on a wire rack. This is to allow the skin to dry up a little bit and create a texture that fries beautifully. The Krispy Pata is now ready to be fried, or it can also be placed back in the oil for future use.

Shake off excess oil and fry in a 350 F-degree oven until skin bubbles all around and becomes very crispy. Drain from oil and season with salt right away.

Place Krispy Pata in a plate. Toss curly or frisee endives with tomatoes and place in the plate next to the Krispy Pata. Place liver-pate sauce and garlic-pepper vinegar sauce in saucers or ramekins and place on the other side of the Krispy Pata.

Eat and enjoy!

Serves 2

Liver Paté Sauce


8 ounces raw, good-smelling, bright-red chicken livers
2 liters water
4 ounces Adobo Jus (finishing sauce ; braising liquid that is strained and simmered in a pot until half in volume)

Portion size: 5 2 ounces of liver pate sauce


Rinse chicken livers thoroughly in cold water. Place in a pot with 2 liters of cold water.

Simmer slowly until livers are cooked.

Drain and pat livers dry.

Place livers in a blender and blend on medium while gradually adding Adobo Jus.

Season with salt to taste.

Heat in a pan with a little water and place into saucer/ramekin when serving with Krispy Pata.

Garlic-Pepper Vinegar

½ cups garlic
1 tablespoon black peppercorns
2 ½ cups white-distilled all-purpose vinegar
1 ½ tablespoons sugar
1 ¼ tablespoons fish sauce

Combine ingredients in a blender on medium until mixed well.

Store and cool. Place into saucer/ramekin when serving E + O Krispy Pata.

Serves 2

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