[PARTNER] Help 'Right Footed' Take the Final Step

"Right Footed" is a new documentary film about Jessica Cox, who was born without arms as the result of a rare birth defect. She worked hard to become full independent, learned to type with her toes and drive a car with her feet and — overcoming one of her greatest fears — she learned to fly an airplane with her feet. "Right Footed" follows Jessica as she takes on a new challenge, becoming a mentor for children with disabilities and their families, and an advocate and activist for disability rights in the USA and abroad.

This film is independently produced through the non-profit International Documentary Association. To support it please visit our Indiegogo campaign at:


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Inspiring Jessica
February 18, 2014
Jessica Cox has never known what it's like to have arms but that hasn't stopped her from driving, playing the piano and, yes, piloting a plane.