Our Ten Most Popular Stories for 2014

(L-R) Reggie Lee   (Photo by Michael Muller/NBC),   Lulu Reyes Besa   (Photo courtesy of the Lulu Reyes Besa family)  , Gov.   Carlos Jericho L. Petilla   (Source:   evmailnews.com  )  , Caridad Sanchez   (Photo courtesy of Cathy S. Babao)  , and President Barack Obama (Source: AFP).

(L-R) Reggie Lee (Photo by Michael Muller/NBC), Lulu Reyes Besa (Photo courtesy of the Lulu Reyes Besa family), Gov. Carlos Jericho L. Petilla (Source: evmailnews.com), Caridad Sanchez (Photo courtesy of Cathy S. Babao), and President Barack Obama (Source: AFP).

Some of our stories in 2014 really got readers' attention. They range from politics, history to nostalgia and first person recollections. Here are the Top Ten that got most views. You may want to read or reread some or all of them:

10) Here Lies Our Bittersweet Love Story by Tricia Capistrano

Review: Here Lies Love
Afraid that David Byrne’s “Here Lies Love” would glorify Imelda Marcos, the author at first refused to watch the production. And then she did.

9) Lulu’s Fifty Peso Christmas Gift by Elizabeth Ann Quirino

In 1947, a sad, pregnant young wife strolling in downtown Manila gladdened the hearts of another mother and her brood of nine.

8) 10 Filipino Billionaires in 2014

We’ll say it again – you’re not on the list, neither are we.

7) Second Springs by Cathy S. Babao

Hilda Koronel and Becca Godinez share their stories on how to keep love alive when it blooms again.

6) A Lesson My Mom the Actress Caridad Sanchez Told Me By Cathy S. Babao

How classic character actress Caridad Sanchez got her start on the Big Screen. 

5) Top 10 Wedding Destinations in the Philippines by Excel Dyquiangco

Lovely sites for exchanging “I do’s” on that special day.

4) How a Governor Slew a Bureaucratic Dragon with Common Sense By Mar Galang

The former governor of Leyte successfully kept good doctors at the provincial hospital by giving them competitive pay, although standing laws wouldn’t allow him.

3) Mark of Four Waves by Mel Orpilla

Before Spain conquered the Philippines, the numerous indigenous tribes distinguished themselves from each other by marking their bodies with tattoos, or batek. 

2) An Honest Actor with a Deceptive Name by Anthony Maddela

In the March 7 episode of “GRIMM” that introduces the Aswang, Reggie Lee draws on his Philippine childhood to get in character.

and the top story for 2014 is:

1) State Dinner from Hell by John Silva

That unpleasant aftertaste from the Malacañang dinner for President Obama