Our Ten Most Popular Stories for 2013

 (L-R) Lotis Key (source: lotiskey.com), Sultan Jamalul Kiram III (source: Reuters), Sen. Benigno Aquino, Jr. (photo courtesy of Ken and Lupita Kashawihara), Floren Herrera (photo by Criselda Yabes) and Nat King Cole (source: biography.com)

Who says all Filipinos like the same things? These are the most popular stories that captured your attention in 2013. Interestingly, not even our beloved Lotis Key's most-discussed and most-shared stories could topple what seemed to be on everyone's minds last year – divorce in the Philippines.

A year after it was first published, Evalyn Ursua's "Why the Philippines Needs A Divorce Law" continues to dominate our site's daily traffic.


10. Ninoy's Final Journey

Renowned journalist Ken Kashiwahara accompanied his brother-in-law Ninoy Aquino on the martyr’s final trip home and witnessed his last moments.

9. The Travails of Early Filipinos in America

Virgilio de la Victoria on why the sign said “Positively No Filipinos Allowed”.

8. More Reasons to Love "Dahil Sa Iyo"

Raymond Virata highlights international artists who put their own spin on a Filipino favorite.

7. What You Should Know About the Sabah Conflict

Patricio Abinales thinks there is something funny and hypocritical about how some Filipinos are ready to take up arms and join the embattled followers of the Sultan of Sulu in Sabah. 

6. Go East, Young Man

Criselda Yabes on Floren Herrera who, after finishing as a distinguished cadet at West Point, must now deal with a future in the Philippine military.

5. Treasure Hunting in Dapitan Arcade

Dedette Santiago on where to find home collectibles at dirt-cheap prices.

4. Building A House: Oro, Plata, Mata

Nid Anima on the superstitions to heed when building your home.

3. Top Taxpayers in the Philippines

Again, you’re not on these lists. Better luck next time. If at first you don’t succeed, yada, yada.

2. Going Home 

Why former actress Lotis Key loves to go back home twice a year.

And the most read story in Positively Filipino:

1. Why the Philippines Needs A Divorce Law

Evalyn Ursua on the issue of divorce after the heated reproductive health debate.