A Playlist for Romance

(Photo by scottsnyde/sxc.hu)

(Photo by scottsnyde/sxc.hu)

We asked our readers for the song that “shook their world” or, at the very least, the one that transports them to intense times in their lives. The responses were revealing—sometimes sentimental, often heartbreaking, occasionally funny.

Several chimed in but requested that their responses not be made public because they didn't want their spouses/partners to know that their most memorable song was about another person. 

Here, thanks to YouTube, are a select few that you can cozy up to and get you in the mood for loving.

“When I Fall In Love” by Nat King Cole

Fifty years ago, this was the guiding song of our young love. We gave our hearts completely to each other and promised to love forever. But we grew up, met other people and parted ways, as “forever” quietly ended. Until now I pause to listen whenever the song is played and I still remember her.Fred V., San Francisco


"How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees (1977)

No other song makes my head spin, my heart lurch, my senses sway. Like a slow, sweet dance, the melody and lyrics evoke a time when our love was new, a promise that it would surpass anything and grow deeply through the years.Betty Q., New Jersey

This was the song my wife kept singing that bridged our differences and allowed us a second chance at love.Backy B., New York


"Deep Purple" composed by Mitchell Parish and Peter De Rose in the early 1930s 

Usually played as an instrumental rather than vocal, this is my mother's theme song. I was "mama's boy" and I could still hear the melodic strain of this song as she sang it to me "when in the mood"—and she always was. She was in a coma before she passed away. Each of my siblings would talk to her of happy memories. She never stirred. When it was my turn, I sang "Deep Purple" and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I cried (wouldn't you?). It was her "time to go" and she did.Ron S., San Diego 


“Leaving On a Jet Plane” by Peter, Paul and Mary

Because I was leaving home, my friends, my boyfriend – supposedly for five years. Iyakan (crying) blues sa airport.Bing K., Quezon City


"I Remember The Boy" by Joey Albert 

This song reminds me of my first love and the quote "first love never dies." I will always remember that person, that special someone, and keep him in my heart, even if " … I don't remember the feeling anymore." I might remember how it was to be young and in love for the first time but it doesn't mean that I would still want to be together with that first love.R. Papa, Quezon City 


“Because of You” (Tony Bennett)

My late hubby introduced me to it when he was still at the PMA. The song stayed with us through our marriage which lasted six decades, four months and nine days, thank God. To think that this Valentine's Day (we were married on 2/14/52) we would have celebrated a 62-year union. As a young girl, I always wanted to be a Valentine Day's bride, so it was realized. On the day he proposed, he knew we had a wedding date ahead because he was aware of my choice of date.Ludy O., Marina del Rey, CA


“Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” (The Four Aces)

This was the predominant song when we met as undergraduates and it remained our favorite through our marriage.Belle, Orlando, FL


“The Nearness of You” (Frank Sinatra)

My wife used to sing this to me all the time until she got sick and could no longer speak. Now that she's gone, I listen to this song to remind myself that I'm still able to feel emotions, not just numbing sorrow.Bert M., Pasay City


“In My Life” by The Beatles

“In my life, I've loved them all.” It's self-explanatory.Tony R., Pinole, CA


“Almost There” by the Lettermen

I was circling, waiting for a chance to dance with her. When I finally did, it was to this song. We went steady for years but never made it to marriage. This song tells our story.Dave A., San Francisco


“You and Me Against the World” by Helen Reddy

This was sang at my wedding … this is how we started our married life.Yolanda Z., Paris, France


“MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris

"After all the loves of my life, I'll be thinking of you and wondering why." After you, there was none to give the loves that came after. It's been more than 40 years  and I'm still "wondering why."Carlos L., Alberta, Canada


"Manha de Carnaval" (Joao Gilberto)

Because it's the most haunting and beautiful pop song ever to come out of Brazil; because I saw the movie "Orfeu Negro" with someone half a century ago; and because I've made a salinawit (Filipino translation) of it—"Darating Ka Bukas"—which a dear friend has so generously sung at the Conspiracy Bar in Quezon City and at several other places and occasions.Bani L., Utrecht, The Netherlands


"Are You Lonesome Tonight" (Elvis Presley)

This was the favorite song when I left the Philippines and for the next seven years in the U.S., 1958-1965, I was always lonesome. My wife said that it is her favorite love song too. –Andy R., Lakewood, CA


"Crossroads" by Don McLean

Because it will always bring back the memory of a carefree time when a guitar-strumming friend would spend afternoons singing my favorite songs.  –Rita S., Oakland, CA


“The Way We Were” by Rico J. Puno

“Namamasyal pa sa Luneta, na walang pera …” This song is about me then. Poor but in love, and horny as hell.Lito D., Cagayan de Oro


Ngayon at Kailanman by Basil Valdez

The memory (of the person) is hazy now, but the warm feelings that this song evokes still remains. –Leila B., London, UK


“On My Own” by Lea Salonga

My boyfriend and I were breaking up and this song was being played all over the airwaves. I'm married now (to a different guy) but whenever I hear this, especially Lea Salonga's version, I still feel my heart breaking. –Tina F., Houston, TX


“Hey Jude” by The Beatles

It was my ex-husband's idea of a joke. We were dating then and I found the song quite annoying and absurd. One day, we entered the cafeteria at lunchtime and the record player was blasting "Hey Jude." He had bought the 45rpm and asked the canteen staff to play it when I entered. Since then, it's been a family anthem that even our grandkids sing, especially the part where everyone shouts together. This IS the song of our lives.Paulynn S., Manila