More Reasons to Love "Dahil Sa Iyo"

Nat King Cole  (Source: , Jerry Vale  (Source:Wikimedia Commons)  and Julio Iglesias  (Source:

Nat King Cole (Source:, Jerry Vale (Source:Wikimedia Commons) and Julio Iglesias (Source:

The mark of a great song is its ability to transcend musical genres and audiences.

Mike Velarde's 1938 classic "Dahil Sa Iyo" (Because of You) has endeared itself to many generations of Filipinos. This kundiman was first sung by Rogelio De La Rosa and has been covered by many popular Filipino singers over the years. The song has won over international artists as well who sang their own versions to keep in touch with their Filipino fans.

Fit for a King

American jazz great Nat King Cole charmed Philippine audiences with his smooth baritone rendition of "Dahil Sa Iyo" in his 1961 concert.

Nat King Cole  (Source:

Nat King Cole (Source:

Breaking the Standard

In 1963, American crooner Jerry Vale blended English lyrics to the Tagalog classic with his "Your Love is Mine (Dahil sa Iyo)"

Jerry Vale  (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Jerry Vale (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Speaking in Tongues

San Francisco bandleader Tom Spinosa produced an upbeat Tagalog/English version "Dahil sa Iyo (Because of You)" sung by Cora and Santos Baloy in 1964.

Cora and Santos Baloy  (Source: Youtube)

Cora and Santos Baloy (Source: Youtube)

For Latin Lovers

Spanish singer Julio Iglesias introduced his own Latin take on the beloved Filipino standard in 1973.

Julio Iglesias  (Source:

Julio Iglesias (Source:

In Perfect Harmony

Tony Butala, Gary Pike and Donny Pike, better known as America's pop vocal trio, The Lettermen, had a light breezy touch to their 1975 version of Velarde's hit song.  

The Lettermen  (Source:

The Lettermen (Source:

Turning Japanese

Harpist Tadao Hayashi, who was popular for playing classical and jazz music in Japan and the Philippines in the late '70s-'80s, dished out his own instrumental version for the country he has grown to love.

Tadao Hayashi  (Source:

Tadao Hayashi (Source: