Awesome Women: Cristeta Comerford, Executive Chef, The White House

Cris (right), herself awed with the food trucks in San Francisco. (Photo courtesy of Elena Buensalido Mangahas)

It's the most convenient thing to do—invite White House Chef Cris Comerford to lunch. I will assume that she will not pass up the opportunity to whip up the meal itself. No tab. Then she will probably give access to the White House kitchen, which I expect will have shining white tiles. No heels. She'll give a tour of the organic backyard garden that's the legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama from where Cris gets her herbs and veggies. No bringing of Ziploc.

Cris, a graduate of the University of the Philippines (food technology), followed with awesome determination a career pathway that every Filipina should hear about. Want to chat with her about the notion of "dirty kitchen" and kinilaw vs. ceviche as the opening act of the Filipino Food Movement in America. 

Elena Buensalido Mangahas

Elena Buensalido Mangahas

Elena Buensalido-Mangahas is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Filipina Women's Network and serves on the Governing Board of the Little Manila Foundation.