Forgive Us Our Signs

Sign displays: "Subli-Subli Beach Resort 'A Morantic Place for Lovers' 15 KM."

Circulating on the Internet are hilarious photographs of Filipino signs—warnings, shop names, instructions, etc. that were wittingly or unwittingly concocted for the benefit of the chuckling public. The photos were taken and are being circulated by unnamed tourists for our collective enjoyment.

Sign displays: "If at first you don't succeed...keep flushing!"

Sign displays: "Big Mak! Burger, Inc."

Sign displays: "Sarap ng Coca-Cola. Bread Pit"

Sign displays: "Facebool"

Sign displays: "Northampton General Hospital. Family planning advice. Use rear entrance."

Sign says: No lunch break. P30.00 per kilo. Wash. Dry. Fold. We also offer: Carfet Shampooing. Sofa Shampooing. Dry clean barong. Stuff toys. Seat covers. Curntains. Comforter. Suit. Gown. RKJ Laundry & Dry Cleaning"

Sign displays: "Wag naman po tayong subrang burara!!! Wag po nating idikit dito sa tiles ang ating mga "kulangot" o ano pamang dumi...Maraming salamat po"

Sign displays: "Please flash after u used."

Sign displays: "R.I.P. Erenio. T. Eway. Burn: March 25, 1912. Died Sept. 2, 2002"

Sign displays: "Hair Force One Barber Shop Men's Salon"

Sign displays: "Hurry Cutter The Barbershop"

Sign displays: "Jimmy's Shoe Repair. I will heel you, I will save your sole, I will even dye for you. 426-5233"

Sign displays: "Kini Rogers"

Sign displays: "We repiar. Washing machine. Reprigeretor. Electrect pan. Oben tooster. Plat iron. & other's. Contact Mr. Bboy Alulod"

Sign displays: "Storebucks Paps Place"


Send Us Your Signs

If you have photos of funny signs in the Philippines or in Filipino businesses in other countries, please send them to us so we can post them with your byline. Just make sure your photo submissions are in JPEG format, no less than 600px wide and properly framed so that the sign is legible. Send with your name and Twitter handle and with the Subject: Funny Signs to submissions[at]