Pinoy Wanted for Murder in Canada

TORONTO – Canadian authorities are searching for a 46-year-old Filipino man wanted in the death of a 78-year-old widow, reports Asian Journal. Police have issued a warrant for first-degree murder for Fernando DeCastro in connection with the murder of Manijeh Bostani-Khamsi last November. Authorities found Bostani-Khamsi’s body in her high-rise apartment in Toronto on November 17, a day after De Castro cleaned her apartment. Police believe DeCastro and his wife, who had been in Canada for the past five years, purchased plane tickets to the Philippines and left the country three days after the murder took place.  DeCastro also worked with elderly clients as a health-care provider, he added. It appears that robbery was the motive, but there is no information to suggest that the wife participated in the crime.