[LETTERS] "Wow, Very Cool Indeed."


Loved what you wrote on being a woman. Can so relate!  –Guia Santos, Manila

Beautiful tribute to your mother with this issue. I enjoyed reading this online magazine.  –Juannie Eng, San Francisco, CA

My eyes welled up while reading your article about your mom.  I had a short connection with her during the last few trips she made to the SF Bay Area. It was a coincidence that I was in Manila days after she was laid to rest. I agree—with everything she denied herself to keep up with society’s expectations—she was awesome!  –Polly Cortez, Concord, CA

Great piece on “coming into your own” as a woman—quite relatable. Your e-newsletter venture is definitely refreshingly positive.  –Viki Bamba, San Francisco, CA

Many thanks for this beautiful and touching piece on your talented mother, Paz. I was fortunate to meet her back in the ‘60s. She even shared with me a couple of her original musical compositions. Now I can see, knowing you personally and how you handled yourself and the prestigious magazine you managed, that it was a bit of Paz that I saw in you and how you were raised. –Tony Joaquin, CA

That was a moving call to all women to be the “most woman” one can be, under any circumstance. How wise it was to include a picture of your mother, Paz.  You can see the strength and determination in her classically, beautiful face.  What a story it tells!  Every hour, every day, every year as I get older, I am reminded by the words and actions of my dear friends and family that I am as strong and as powerful as I want to be that day, that hour, for that year. –Eva Monroe, San Francisco, CA

I had the privilege of knowing your mother who was a good friend of my own mother, who is still alive and well at age 90.  Your life sounds like mine.  I think we belong to the same generation.  But we are surviving beautifully, aren’t we?  –Gemma Cruz Araneta, Manila, Philippines

I enjoy each issue and the opportunity to keep up with what’s going on in the Philippines.  I was very touched by your letter about womanhood and the tribute to your mom.  It brought back so many memories and I felt quite sad reading about her again, as she was a special person and someone who played a big part in our lives.  My husband, Lindsay, says that she gave him more advice than his mother ever did.  Auntie Paz was a kind, generous, caring and thoughtful person, and we miss her. She was a talented and highly intelligent lady, always elegant and unselfish, trying to rise above the fray.  –Linda Walker, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Just a quick note to say that your letter struck a chord in me, especially on how to be a better mother to my own sons (my primary role these days).  You and Gemma will always be special in my heart—you have shown me kindness when I was starting as a journalist here in America. The stories of your struggles and how you courageously surmounted the challenges you met have always been an inspiration to me. –Jacqui Conclara, South San Francisco, CA


Terrific interview!  Coach seems like a humble guy who was indeed very proud of his heritage.  Loving the high quality of the video, too. – Migs Bassig, Manila, Philippines

Is that all there is to the interview?  You’re kidding, right? – Alfredo Peckson


Congratulations to Lisa Yuchengco and everyone involved with PF.  I absolutely love it because 1) it is a webzine, which conserves papers and costs and is globally accessible; 2) it brings a global perspective  timely Filipino issues and is informative, engaging and very enjoyable; 3) it is beautifully laid out; and 4) it is online and immediately accessible to everyone and anyone like myself, who isn’t Filipino but is very interested in Filipino issues and culture and in a global context where we all live… I loved Lloyd LaCuesta’s interview of Dado Banatao, so please keep up the videos too.  Thank you for making this journal possible and available to us all! – Barbara Bundy, San Bruno, CA

Congratulations on another successful service to the Filipino community.  –Ricardo Taylor, San Francisco, CA

Your site was recommended to me via Twitter and I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on and saw all of the wonderful, quality articles and photos.  –Chris Trinidad, Moraga, CA

Wow, very cool indeed.  –Dan and Linda Gonzales, San Francisco, CA

Here’s wishing PF congratulations and best wishes for bringing us closer to our homeland.  –Joy Rigor, Martodam, Minnesota