Where Were You When You Got The News That Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Was Assassinated 30 Years Ago Today

The human brain permanently imprints moments of profound impact such that a person remembers exactly how it happened decades after it happened. In this issue, we are privileged to have Ken Kashiwahara relate to us all the details of the final moments of Ninoy Aquino, with whom he was traveling not as the hotshot ABC News correspondent that he was, but as Aquino's brother-in-law. Aside from the reports he filed then, Ken hasn't written as personally as he has now of that day, of the moment when the person he admired so hugely was gunned down just a few minutes after calling out to Ken to follow him as the soldiers led him away.

We also include in this historical report footage from Jim Laurie of ABC News, who was also in that China Airlines flight that brought Ninoy Aquino to his destiny and his place in history.

Coming back to the present, did you hear that halo-halo is now a trendy dessert in New York? Our food correspondent there, Elizabeth Ann Quirino, introduces two new eating places with Filipino roots that New Yorkers are flocking to. Did someone say Filipino cuisine is the next best thing in the culinary world?

And how about that pesky bloat that greets balikbayans from colder countries when they run smack into the heat and humidity in the homeland? Our health and wellness correspondent, Imelda Oppenheim, gives tips on how to avoid looking fatter and heavier when you're in the tropics.

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino