Ube Art

Ube, that beloved purple root crop ubiquitous in Filipino desserts, takes center stage in San Francisco Bay Area-based artist O. M. France Viana's latest installations at Mills College Museum's 12 Degrees MFA Exhibition. Viana, a recent MFA graduate of Mills, has made it her mission "to chronicle how Filipino immigration is redefining what it means to be American," as PF contributor Manzel Delacruz reports. Along with ube, a collection of Black Madonnas, to which Viana claims a personal devotion, distinguished her exhibition.

Filipino cuisine has been getting a lot of press in the US lately but in the United Kingdom, it's still relatively unknown. But not for long, as self-made chef Roni Bandong has made it her personal crusade to promote Filipino cooking through her Maynila Supper Club (the British equivalent of the pop-up restaurant) and by winning in a UK-wide TV cooking show. Bandong's "chicken relleno" was chosen "Best Alternative Christmas Dish," as PF Correspondent and foodie Elizabeth Ann Quirino writes. That award-winning "rellenong manok" recipe is our Happy Home Cook feature for this week. Bookmark it for your Christmas cooking.

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And our Video of the Week: actor Dante Basco, director Jonah Feingold and their team just launched “Bangarang,” a prequel short film to Steven Spielberg's “Hook.” The Kickstarter-backed film explores the life of Basco's character Rufio before he became the leader of the lost boys in Neverland.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino