The Incredible Beaches

If you're in the Philippines and pondering a quiet, meditative getaway for the Holy Week, check out Manuel "EG" Hizon's very enticing list of "11 Great Beaches You Probably Haven’t Been To." These spectacular beaches are [still] hidden gems because they're far from the madding crowd (i.e. Boracay, etc.), which is where you want to be if you're seeking peace, privacy and a respite from the scorching summer heat.

A look back at a controversial historical item: San Francisco State University professor emeritus Dr. Penelope V. Flores  supports the view of historians and writers that "Magellan's Interpreter, Enrique, Was the First to Circumnavigate the World." She tells us why.

Switching back to the recent past, Randy David's postscript to the Philippine National Police's board of inquiry report on the Mamasapano tragedy is instructive and thought-provoking, as is usual of Professor David's writings. Read it here.

We have another compilation of Funny Signs for you, lest we "forget" that we belong to a nation of punsters and jokesters, and we never fail to laugh at life, no matter what.

And continuing our celebration of amazing women, Read Again some of our earlier postings:

"Blazing a Journalism Trail" by Benjamin Pimentel features Sheila Coronel's very impressive career trajectory from ace investigative journalist in the Philippines to dean of Columbia University's School of Journalism, arguably one of the best journalism schools in the world.

"3 Lessons from an Art Ambassador" by Dominique Padilla Gallego focuses on Lolita Valderrama Savage, the celebrated artist and citizen of the world whose paintings have been hailed in the art circles of Florence, New York and Manila.

"Model Mom" by Cherie Querol-Moreno reveals the woman behind California Assembly Representative Rob Bonta's success -- his mom, Cynthia Arnaldo Bonta, activist and educator, whose lifelong commitment to the fight for social justice has been her son's inspiration in becoming the first Filipino American to win a seat in the California legislature.

"Super Grandma" by Marianne Dayrit-Sison zeroes in on Consuelo Dancel Sison who recently turned 94 but is still as dynamic and energetic as anyone half her age. I met Mommy Elong recently and was truly amazed --  a fine example of the saying, "age is only a number."

Our Video of the Week is on the special delivery of food and guitars that Philippine military made to the soldiers on BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal, which is being claimed by China.

A blessed Easter to all.


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino