Summer Fare

Summer's in the air in our neck of the woods, bringing with it sunshine, temperatures that draw out capris and tees (visitors to San Francisco are advised to avoid the common mistake of wearing shorts and tank tops despite the deceptive sunshine -- remember Mark Twain's famous quote about the coldest winter in his life being summer in San Francisco?), and the fragrance of jasmines, roses and gardenias mixed with the aroma of barbecues. 

This week, we serve up Chef Rodelio Aglibot who is as much an entrepreneur as he is a culinary star. In "Enter the Food Buddha," regular contributor Anthony Maddela gives us a taste of the chef's business acumen -- as partner in Intrestco Group, he has opened 35 restaurants worldwide -- and his food creations, with a recipe for adobo braised pork belly.

Another regular contributor, journalist-author Ben Pimentel pays tribute to a legendary blues singer, Sugar Pie DeSanto, born Umpeylia Marsema Balinton to a Filipino seaman father and an African American mother. The dynamic Sugar Pie's colorful life story is the focus of a forthcoming indie film called "Bittersweet." Listen to her belt out some songs with the links we have included in "The Untold Story of Sugar Pie DeSanto."

Caregiving is a real issue in the Filipino American community as Dr. Melen McBride writes in "Caring for Our Elderly in America: Are We Up to It?" Those who are taking care of elderly parents know the challenges only too well.

And for those who are wondering how our kababayans are faring in Italy. we're reposting "Know Your Diaspora: Italy" which is part of our Know Your Diaspora series.

I also posted something for the Class of 2014 on my blog.

Happy summer, everyone, no matter what season you are in on this earth. 

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino