Suicide Isn't Painless

Through these days of rage and disquiet, let's face up to some important issues.

With the recent spate of celebrity suicides, do you wonder if Filipinos are just as prone to mental health issues that drive a person to choose death over life? Contributor Isabel Taylor-Escoda, who has retired in Cebu from living for decades in Hong Kong, researches the issue in "Suicide Among Filipinos."

We got this heartwarming story from a first-time contributor, David R. Rabaja, a Florida-based surgeon, about how the Rabaja clan was able to reunite in its original hometown in Cagayan. "Coming Home in Ballesteros" begs an answer to the perennial question of expats, can we really go home again?

As the immigration issue burns in the US, another first-time contributor Elizabeth Keanini-Silva tells the interesting story of Mayo Buenafe-Ze, who was brought to the US as a child, deported with her family back to the Philippines, and returned as a Fulbright scholar.

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Our Happy Home Cook recipe this week is Vegan Nilaga from Richgail Enriquez. 

For video of the week, ABS-CBN News profiles Nella Sarabia, who continues the family legacy of optometry.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino