Standing Up to a Heavy-Hand

This is the worst of times; but it could also the best of times. President Trump disallows the entry of refugees from seven "terrorist" countries. Fortunately, people around the world would have none of it. They showed humanity’s best values of compassion and solidarity by staging firestorms of protests worldwide.

The vagueness of the order led to chaos in ports of entry that victimized even legitimate visa holders. An incident at LAX airport on the day of Trump's inauguration leads us to question whether immigration officials had already been given instructions to stop and question non-U.S. citizens even before the executive order was made public.

Meanwhile, many Filipinos are joining The Resistance as Positively Filipino Correspondent Cherie Querol-Moreno reports in "Marching for Justice Around the World."

On a calmer note, Correspondent Rey de la Cruz profiles Leonardo Cunanan, an artist-musician now based in Canada. Correspondent Anthony Maddela catches up with Stella Abrera, principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre.

Our Happy Home Cook recipe: Beef Chayote Soup from new Correspondent Rene Astudillo.

For our Video of the Week, Mikey Bustos presents the different reactions Filipino pageant fans exhibit during the Miss Universe contest.

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino