Spooks and Nostagia

Filipinos concerned with politics in all its permutations consider the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the devil incarnate, accused of meddling in elections, corrupting politicians, spying on anti-US activists, clandestinely supporting political upheavals and actively shaping the political climate in favor of the United States. But is the agency's power as all-encompassing as it is believed, or is the myth bigger than reality? According to political analyst and academic Roland Simbulan, the CIA's ill repute in the Philippines is well-deserved and he tells us why in this in-depth analysis of CIA presence in the country. Read it and be appalled at the agency's reach and record of ruthlessness.

On a lighter note, those of us who came of age in the Motherland in the '70s surely remember Basil Valdez, the crooner who immortalized such classics as "Ngayon at Kailanman" and "Hanggang Sa Dulo Nang Walang Hanggan." Well, Basil celebrated his 40 years as a solo artist -- he started out as one of the soloists of the famed Circus Band -- in Manila recently, and our contributor Cathy Sanchez Babao was there to re-live the significant milestones of her life through Basil's songs. We hope you are able to revive your own memories as you hear the songs of your youth once again.

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For our Happy Home Cook recipe this week, PF Correspondent Rene Astudillo gives us first dibs on his new culinary accomplishment: Deep-fried Halo Halo. Perfect foil for the summer heat.

Our Video of the Week is from Illustrado Magazine, which interviewed Pinoy Angelenos on what makes them Filipino.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino