[Letters] Reader recounts his time with the manongs in Alaska

In response to "The Wards Cove Case: Separate And Unequal", reader Andy Roselada writes:

I love this …

I worked in the farms of California from Dec. 1958 to September 1965 and the Canaries in Alaska from July 1963 to March 1967 … SEASONALS. It's a 'necessity'. I arrived in San Francisco Sept. 1958 with my dad but he got sicked so I sent him home. I knew nobody and I never worked in my life (21 yrs. old). So, I took my chance in the farm of California and a I met a 'boss' who trusted. In the long run, I helped him out because everybody is taking advantage of him since he had no education.
In  Alaska, I made a motion that helped out the old Pilipinos that worked there. They never ever complained and I was the youngest who ever work there in 1963. Those old Pilipinos were sent there by the Union guys in Seattle and NOT young people, because they accepted bribes. It's a long story. Bad!
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