Love, Sorrow and Inspiration

If there's ever any doubt that Filipinos are a romantic lot, just look at "A Playlist for Romance" in this week's issue. We asked readers and friends for the song that matters most to them and almost all gave titles related to their once-loved or their great loves. As you listen to the songs that we chose to include in our list, we hope that the memories that they evoke within you are beautiful and cherished.

In "A Year of God's Sweet Time," our writer Corito Fiel provides the sequel to her Valentine story that we posted last year. Her story is heartbreaking yet so achingly beautiful. We are privileged that she chose to open her heart through us.

Jessica Cox is one of the most amazing Filipino Americans that we have the privilege of featuring. In "Inspiring Jessica," she talks about how her Filipina mother has been her guiding light in overcoming the limits of her disability, making her a fitting role model for anyone who feels stymied by handicaps, whether physical, emotional or cultural.

Happy inspired reading!

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino