Love and Revolution

If history is theater, February 1986 will be highlighted in Philippine history in bold, bright marquee lights. It was a whirlwind month with the political situation changing almost every day, moving at a pace quite unheard of in our homeland, leaving everyone barely enough time to reflect. There was no doubt however that a big change was on the way, so palpable and anticipated that the normal functioning of a nation was put on hold while the people awaited the events' unfolding.

In this issue, we begin a series intended to take us back to that fateful February when the political status quo was smashed and our country reeled with the turmoil of revolt. "Countdown to the Revolution: The Snap Election" is a story I culled from my notes and my writings as a freelance journalist then who was just as caught up with the excitement of being part of and witness to history being made.

But we also haven't forgotten that February is also the month of love, and to celebrate we have:

• "Romances in History" by Ambeth R. Ocampo, a Read Again piece tells us that history is not always about turmoil and cataclysmic changes, but also about people and romance;

• "Spouse It's About Time" by John Silva, whose 40-year love relationship with Jonathan Best culminated in their wedding in the city where they met and fell in love;

• "'When I Am Six Feet Below the Ground'" by Lourdes Santos Tancinco pays loving tribute to an exceptional priest, the late Monsignor Fred Al Bitanga, who demonstrated to his parishioners that loving the way of God is not just empty rhetoric;

• "Table for Two," our Happy Home Cook feature by Rene Astudillo, is another Read Again that presents recipes for a romantic Valentine's Day meal; and

• For our Video of the Week, revisit our story and Mona Lisa Yuchengco's film on centenarian lawyer Delfin Gonzalez.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino