Lakes, Indigenous Art and the Beatles

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This week, we feature the incredible art and culture of the T'boli people of Cotabato, one of the Philippines' indigenous tribes that should make us all proud, if only we know more about them. Patricia Araneta traveled to Lake Sebu in T'boli-land and wrote a compelling report, "T'boli: It's Better to Weave Than Leave," that includes pictures that showcase the exquisite work of the T'boli women weavers.

In Baguio City, the art of the Ifugao carvers take center stage as the Philippine Bamboo Foundation Inc. promotes the native product as a source of livelihood and as a means to protect the environment. Baguio-based writer Desiree Caluza explains in "You Take A Stick of Bamboo."

For writers in the midst of crafting a novel or a nonfiction book, nothing is more welcome than a respite from the demands of daily existence to be able to focus exclusively on writing. Maria Carmen Sarmiento, a Manila-based author, was able to do just that when she was chosen to spend a month in Bellagio, Italy by the banks of beautiful Lake Como. She tells us about how it was to write and interact with  an elite group of writers from all over the world in "My Month By the Lake."

Our recipe this week in The Happy Home Cook: Slow-cooked Sirloin Pepper Steak over Rice from Rene Astudillo, also known as the creator of The Adobo Chronicles.

For our Video of the Week, a group of Filipino fans seeks to reverse the Beatles' bad memories of Manila with "Postcards for Ringo"

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino