Introducing Our Correspondents

You may have noticed that we've added the designation Positively Filipino Correspondent under the bylines of Elizabeth Ann Quirino and Rey de la Cruz. The two, along with Anthony Maddela, Myles Garcia and Criselda Yabes, have earned the title because each of them have contributed more than 10 stories for us. We are proud and grateful that these prolific and talented writers have chosen to contribute regularly to this online magazine. And we look forward to getting more stories from them.

Dr. Penelope V. Flores, our resident Rizalista and educator, tickles our imagination this week with her "What If Magellan Had Survived Mactan" hypothesis. Indeed, what would have happened if Lapulapu didn't kill the Portuguese explorer who led a Spanish expedition to look for spices? Would the Philippines have been named Magallanes? Historical ponderings that boggle the mind -- that's what the article is all about.

Meanwhile, at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco this month, an exhibit of the works of Filipino artists Manuel Ocampo and Norberto Roldan is going on. Contributor France Viana, an artist herself, takes us to Ocampo's world in "Art Star Manuel Ocampo’s Second Coming."

In Los Angeles, Positively Filipino Correspondent Anthony Maddela updates us on The Filharmonic, the boy band that continues to wow worldwide audiences with their a capella performances. "Boy Band That Sings Together, Stays Together" focuses on the six astounding talents who appeared in Pitch Perfect 2

Our recipes for the Happy Home Cook this week: Suam na Mais by Positively Filipino Correspondent Elizabeth Ann Quirino and another delicious dessert from Goldilocks.

For Video of the Week, another one from CNN's The Story of the Filipino series, this one on iconic educator Onofre Pagsanghan.

I’m writing from the road this week and I’ve made Notes on a Road Trip.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino