High Passion

Passions are running high in the Philippines over the massacre of 44 Special Action Forces (SAF) of the Philippine National Police. Commander-in-Chief Benigno Aquino is not helping the situation by his tepid, confusing responses to the tragedy. Veteran journalist Criselda Yabes, who has written extensively (including books) about the military and Mindanao, writes an achingly spot-on op-ed, "Mr. President, Feel for the Fallen," that also explains a lot about the real situation in that most volatile of regions in our homeland. 

A different kind of passion is displayed in "Maseg, An Artistic Tempest," as described by Lisa Suguitan-Melnick. Maseg, a dance production of Alleluia Panis (producer), Jay Loyola (choreographer) with music composed by Florante Aguilar, swept the San Francisco audience off its feet with sensuous, tempestuous energy that drew on Loyola's Palawan roots as inspired by Shakespeare's "The Tempest." The mix of talents and passion is memorable indeed.

On a more temperate though not less pleasurable tale, four senior males who've known each other for almost 50 years as fraternity brothers, embark on a non-touristy "trip of their dreams"and discovered sights that made their hearts flutter and a close friendship that begets more trips together. Danny Gozo tells us about "The Road to Mexico and Havana," which should encourage retirees to take a similar journey.

Our Video of the Week features one of the most popular food trucks in San Francisco, Señor Sisig.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino