For Your Re-Reading Pleasure

If you're vacationing in the Philippines this month and you're setting your sights on meeting a Filipino partner, you just might meet a Kapampangan. Know what it's like to be with somebody from the Central Luzon province of Pampanga? Read Again cultural historian Robby Tantingco's insightful list, "10 Things You Need to Know About Kapampangans," one of our most-read stories. (And for non-Kapampangans, we're eager to hear from you. Send us your own list of what makes your tribe unique among Filipinos. Email to

Another worthy Read Again in these days of summer travel, Manuel Hizon's "11 Great Beaches You Probably Haven't Been To."

And if volunteering is your thing, look up Teach for the Philippines, an educational nonprofit that is drawing interest among Fil-Ams seeking to know more about their parents' country of origin. Positively Filipino Contributing Writer Anthony Maddela talks to Edmundo Edward Litton of Loyola Marymount College, which is in the forefront of training young teachers to assist in public schools in the Philippines.

How will the world function in 10 years? We are posting a fearless technology forecast by a Morgan Stanley analyst that should make you sit up and think, because it's inevitable that our lives and lifestyles will be upended sooner than we anticipate or want.

Where in the world is there no Filipino? Contributing Writer Rey de la Cruz travels to the smallest country in South America, the Republic of Suriname, and -- of course -- encounters kababayans.

Vegan calamari. Really? Our vegan foodie Richgail Enriquez gives us an instructional on her version of a fave pulutan, calamari for the Happy Home Cook this week.

Our Video of the Week: a rare vintage footage of Manila in the 1930s. 


Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino