First Loves and Great Loves

Fathers take center stage in this week's issue as the world pays tribute to the men girls consider their first love and boys consider their hero. Yet, for all his significance in everyone's lives, a father is usually the enigmatic figure, the one who keeps his stories to himself, the authority figure, the family provider but often the quiet(er) one in the partnership.

Contributing writer Ed Diokno, in "Untold Lessons From My Father," tells us a story about his dad and the I-Hotel that will surely grab the attention of followers of Fil-Am history. Three women writers -- Cecilia Manguerra Brainard, Lisa Suguitan-Melnick and Elizabeth Ann Besa-Quirino -- share their enduring affection for the first men they ever loved in "Daddy Dearest."

Aside from Father's Day, we celebrate this month the birth anniversary of our national hero, so we're reposting Penelope V. Flores' intriguing essay, "Rizal's Great Loves." An ardent Rizalista and a dedicated student of Philippine history, Dr. Flores knows whereof she speaks when it comes to the life of Jose Rizal.

Meanwhile, in the art world of Florence, Italy, a Filipina artist, Lolita Valderrama Savage, is making waves and lifting the image of Filipinos in the process. Dominique Gallego, writing from New York, gives us a glimpse of the discipline and hard work that go into every painting of this exemplary Filipina who, aside from being a recognized artist, is also a philanthropist and community leader. 

Happy summer, everyone!

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino