Farewell to Lisa’s Dad

To us who didn't really know him personally, he was simply "Lisa's Dad," an appellation that we uttered with reverence because we are well aware that Lisa's dad is Alfonso Yuchengco, a giant presence in Philippine contemporary history.

Known to his friends as A.Y., Lisa's father was a businessman-industrialist whose business interests ranged from insurance (Grepalife, Malayan) to banking (RCBC) and education (Mapua). He was also known for his philanthropy; he was a generous supporter of a wide variety of causes (among them, the Bayanihan Dance Company and the Bantayog ng mga Bayani, a foundation dedicated to memorializing victims of martial law). Moreover, as Lisa herself revealed (see "How I Knew My Father's Love"), A.Y. was a secret financier of "subversive" activities, particularly during the Marcos years. His most exalted title of course is Ambassador, a statesman's role he fulfilled with honor and dignity -- in Japan, China and as Permanent Representative to the UN. Ambassador Yuchengco passed away on Easter Sunday in Manila, at the age of 94.

We join the Yuchengco family in mourning his passing and celebrating his extraordinary life. We speak for a grateful nation in thanking the Ambassador for his distinguished service to the country and to the Filipino people.

No one can convey the man's greatness better than his daughter so we are re-posting our publisher Mona Lisa Yuchengco's tribute to her dad on his 90th birthday four years ago.

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Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino