Drift and Remember

Let's take a break from the disturbing events happening on both sides of the Pacific, and enjoy some pleasurable drifting, remembering and reading.

PF Correspondent Criselda Yabes, once- and still partly a Parisienne, takes us on a stroll in the city she loves. In "Drifting in Paris" she discovers a city whose natives have become friendlier, a city that never fails to offer new discoveries even for long-time residents. 

In Manila, contributing writer Bella Bonner focuses on Boy Camara, the UP campus heartthrob of the early '70s, who captured the attention and imagination of Manila's theatergoers then when he became Jesus Christ Superstar. Beyond JCS, however, Camara's life took some dramatic turns and he talks about it for the first time in this interview.

How about some "adobo, apple pie and schnitzel with noodles", a combination that is actually a metaphor for the delectable mix of stories in PF Correspondent Myles Garcia's new book with that title and adding: "Not a cookbook but an anthology of essays on the Filipino-American experience and some..." Walter Ang stirs the pot with his review.

And having whet your appetite, here's San Francisco-based foodie Voltaire Gungab's own enticing concoction for the Happy Home Cook: Rice-Tapioca Pudding with Pineapple Sauce and Coconut Jam Cream.

There's no escaping the real world, so here are the In The Know links to various stories swirling around cyberspace:

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Top 10 Ensaymadas in Manila

For our Video of the Week, Vicks Philippines presented the heartwarming story of Hernando Caja in its #touchofcare campaign, which shows how caring for others transforms lives.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino