Death Hogs the Headlines

With a 91-percent approval rating in his first month in office, it seems like President Rodrigo Duterte can do no wrong. But two controversial issues he had committed himself to during the campaign are now stirring dissent.

His war on drugs has led to extrajudicial killings while his promise to allow the burial of ex-president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is reigniting the fire of anti-Marcos groups. This week we have two excellent pieces for you to ponder: "Where Will President Duterte and His War on Drugs Take Us?" by Criselda Yabes and "Eulogizing Marcos" by Greg B. Macabenta.

For a compelling end-of-summer read, we bring you a review by Canada-based Alfred Kwong of his fraternity brother Ted Yabut, Jr.'s ambitious memoir, "Brown Rice." A coming-of-age story set in Manila through the turmoil of martial law, the scenes described in the book will surely bring memories to those who were there during that period.

A story you will want to Read Again: Filipino American author/teacher Oscar Peñaranda's account of "A Reunion of Strangers," which involves Dumaguete, the Filipino American War, eBay and a blood-stained revolutionary flag. 

Our Happy Home Cook recipe, a traditional favorite -- Rellenong Talong.

Our Video of the Week celebrates the ties that bind a Filipino nanny named Auntie Yolly and an Olympic Gold Medalist, Joseph Schooling.

Gemma Nemenzo

Editor, Positively Filipino